We will restart as full a programme of events as we can

As soon as the current crisis comes to an end we will restart as full a programme of events as we can, and we very much look forward to your continuing support.

The Village Hall in Great Whittington is owned by a trust whose purpose is to provide an amenity to residents of Whittington Parish.

The Village Hall Committee has responsibility for managing the hall, running events, complying with statutory requirements and maintaining the fabric of the hall.

It should be clear to everyone who has enjoyed events at the hall that there are ongoing serious maintenance issues. It is critical that these are addressed to the best of our abilities and financial strength and this is a complex task.

We are fortunate that the committee has increased its numbers and this has allowed us to divide into 2 sub committees.

Sue Robson is vice chair and she will chair one committee who will be responsible for running events, and I will chair the other committee who will work on the maintenance problems that face the hall. I will continue to chair the full committee.

I cannot promise an easy or simple solution to the long term problems of maintenance etc but I promise you that we are energetically looking at all options. This does not detract from our prime purpose of providing the fullest and most varied programme we can.

John Roberts, Chair

Village Hall committee

  • Chairperson ~ John Roberts
  • Vice Chairperson ~ Sue Robson
  • Treasurer ~ Emma Young
  • Secretary ~ John Sadler


  • Ed Gillam
  • Matt Charlton
  • Christine Lawson
  • Natalie Burrow
  • Kate Smith
  • Charles Bragg
  • Steve Binney
  • Jane Pearson