How it came about that a beautiful old school house and grounds became the village hall.


Registered charity status

The Trustees of the Hall vested the freehold to the Charities Commission. (Blue document)

On the 26th April 1972, the Trustees of the Hall became a Registered Charity.


Transferred by the County Council

County Council Official Searches made, (Check Land Charges act 1025), stated "County Primary School, School Playground and Teacher's House with adjoining garden"

The Hall was transferred by the County Council to the Trustees of the Village Hall with a clear description of which land was being transferred, (See clause 3 stating "The parcel of land adjacent to and to the SW of the land first herein-before described comprising and formerly used as the garden of the said Teacher's House")


The school was closed

Declaration by George Hetherington, Buildings Inspector for NCC and LEA. Mr Hetherington was employed by the council for 20 years and had visited the school on many occasions and was "well acquainted with it" He stated that "During the whole of that time, the piece of walled garden ground, which is shown edged with red on the plan hereto immediately adjoining the schoolteacher's house which has access thereto, has been occupied along with, and part of, the said school and schoolteacher's house. I have never heard of any claim adverse to the said County Council's title to the said piece of land"


Playing field purchased

James Kirsopp sold a plot of land to be used as a playing field for £12.10s.


County council ownership

The managers of the school transferred the premises to the County Council. This consisted of 10 perches or thereabouts, consisting of garden offices and outbuildings.


Land aquired

Land belonging to James Kirsopp and Joseph Milner was to be used to build the school by the newly set up Board of Managers.


The Elementary Education Act

This act provided a newly formed Board of Managers with funding - taken from the rates - to build an elementary school if there was no provision.