Many of you in the village have taken part in our Christmas wreath making classes at the Village Hall. I had promised several times to do wreaths throughout the year, so here goes:

With a little time on our hands right now, and perhaps looking for something to do that makes us happy, I thought I'd start with a spring wreath, using items from the garden.

Hopefully you still have your reusable ring from last Christmas. If you don’t, or anyone new in the village wants to try this, let me know and I can let you have one for a small cost.

The greenery I'm using is out of my garden, but you can use anything you find in your garden, (or other's with permission of course!). I am happy to help with some bits.

Joyce Roberts

Step one

To keep it easy I have simply wound the greenery on with string. So start by attaching the string to the ring and tying tightly.

Step two

Lay your greenery on the ring and see how it looks.

Step three

Continue doing this until the ring looks balanced - remember using 3 or 5 pieces of each works well.

Step four

Lay on any flowers you want to use. The flowers will not last as long as the greenery, but if you place these on the top, you can ease them out and replace as necessary.

From experience, daffodils last a few days, and I’ve only just tried the grape hyacinths for the first time.

Step five

You might find it easier at this stage to remove any flowers with succulent stems and replace them once finished by carefully threading through some of your loops.

Carefully holding your greenery in place, start to wind the string around, working away from the anchor point and pulling firmly in place. Some of the greenery may move, but at the end you can pull this back and at the same time thread leaves over the string to hide it.

Step six

When you reach the end tie off the string nice and tightly and then go back and make sure the wreath is balanced and covered.

Then add back in any flowers as necessary and make sure you tuck the stems well into the string and the greenery.

Finally, hang on your door using a hook or a nail. You can spray with a bit of water occasionally to keep it fresh.

And can we please have a picture of your wreath for the website!